"serverAddress": "localhost",
	"servicePort": 32191,
	"restPort": 32192,
	"dataPath": "/data/zulia/",
	"clusterName": "zulia",
	"mongoServers": [
		{ "hostname": "localhost" }

Add Node

bash zuliad --config config/zulia.properties addNode

Remove Node

bash zuliad --config config/zulia.properties removeNode

Start Zulia

bash zuliad --config config/zulia.properties start

Get Indexes

bash zulia getIndexes

Get Current Cluster Nodes

bash zulia --index indexName getCurrentNodes

Get Index Document Count

bash zulia --index indexName getCount

Get Fields Used By an Index

bash zulia --index indexName getFields

Clear Index

bash zulia --index indexName clear

Delete Index

bash zulia --index indexName delete
bash zulia --index indexName optimize
bash zulia --index indexName --q "title:water" --rows 10

All Available options

query      Queries the given index in --index argument.
      Usage: query [options]
            Number of facets to return.
            Default: 10
            Number of facets to return per shard.
            Default: 40
            List of fields to facet on.
            Fetch type (none, metadata, full)
            Default: none
            List of fields to return
            List of fields to mask
            Filter query.
            Indexes to query, none to default to the required argument or 
            Minimum number of optional boolean queries to match
            Zulia query, matches all docs by default.
            Specific field(s) to search, index default if none given.
            Number of records to return.
            Default: 0
            List of fields to sort on.
            List of fields to sort on in descending order.
            Results start index.
            Default: 0


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